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Affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic in 2020, the output value growth rate of the disinfection industry will be significantly increased. It is preliminarily estimated that the growth rate can be 13.70%, which will drive the output value growth of the entire disinfection industry. The annual output value of the disinfection industry is expected to exceed 11.5 billion yuan. With the epidemic prevention and control, the demand for disinfection products surged. In order to promote the development of disinfection industry, understand the latest trends of disinfection industry development, and build a platform for enterprises in disinfection industry to publicize disinfection products. The disinfection Industry Branch of National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, disinfection Professional Committee of Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association, hospital infection control professional committee of Heilongjiang Preventive Medicine Association, Jiangxi disinfection products industry association, disinfection Industry Branch of Shaanxi health industry supervision Association, disinfection branch of Zhejiang health products and cosmetics industry association, pest control branch of national Health Industry Enterprise Management Association The 2021 Shenzhen international medical disinfection and sensing equipment exhibition jointly organized by Chengdu disinfection Association, infection control and disinfection magazine and Shanghai Juyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will be grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall) from December 21 to 23. The sponsor will hold a disinfection and sensing forum during the conference and conduct special academic exchange activities on disinfection and control of novel coronavirus epidemic situation. At that time, nearly a thousand well-known enterprises in the industry will appear in this exhibition. Please look forward to it and sincerely invite relevant units in the industry to participate in the guidance! Exhibitor hotline: 18964878976yanghao (Sales Director)
Exhibition Application of Shenzhen International disinfection Expo - Official Website
40,000m2 Exhibition area
CMEH Exhibition area of medical Expo 40,000 Flat floor exhibition
More than 600 enterprises are expected to participate in the exhibition
40,000+ Audience
It is expected that there will be more than 40,000 medical institutions, manufacturers and distribution agents across the country, and medical industry elites will gather
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Experts at the main venue of the exhibition academic conference: zhangliubo, Gujian, lixinwu, Li Liuyi, Wu Anhua, liuyunxi, Cao Jingui, weiqiuhua, Lu Qun, zhurenyi, gaoxiaodong, wangshaoxin, cuishuyu, Zhao Wei and other domestic experts in disinfection sense control and health supervision. In the last session, more than 500 enterprises from Xinhua medical treatment, Shandong Likang, weibak, Wanfu Jin'an, today Tianhong, Qingdao Minggao, baitaike, Shandong Xiaobo, dongfulong, Panasonic, SDIC, Germany Yishu, Shenzhen andofu attended the meeting. More than 10000 professional visitors attended the exhibition
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